Netherlands RADIO 4 broadcast

The Netherlands’ Radio 4 has posted my recital for the 2013 Musica Sacra Festival in Maastricht here.

The idea of this recital, ”Hoe het wereldlijke sacraal werd” (the Secular Made Sacred) explored the use of counterpoint and variation-form throughout northern European composers of the 17th century, along with a special nod to contemporary with the remarkable two-part inventions of British composer Rob Keeley (b. 1960).

The programme for the 22nd of September 2013 was as follows:

Will yow walk ye woods so wilde – William Byrd

Peascodd Time – Orlando Gibbons

Watkins Ale – Anonymous, ca. 1600


Onder een linde groen – Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

Fantasia on a theme by Sweelinck — John Bull

Also gehts, also stehts (1609) – Samuel Scheidt

Chorale-variations on Christus der ist mein Leben – Johann Pachelbel


Chorale-variations on Herzlich tut mich verlangen – Pachelbel

2 inventions (2006) – Rob Keeley

Chorale-variations on O Gott du Frommer Gott, BWV 767 – J.S. Bach

The instrument used a double-manual copy of the 1624 ”Colmar” Ruckers, lent kindly by its generous owner, harpsichordist Jacques Ogg.